August Parts Tip

Hi Dealers,

Please be aware of the following part number changes that have occurred:

Part number 8037-1 will now be superseded by 8768-2. The seals on the rear tire assemblies are now the same.

Part number 5162-11 will now be superseded by 5162-12. Walker has changed the roller wheels on the 36/42/48/54/56 inch decks to a thicker and more durable roller wheel.

New Fuel Tanks:

Three years ago, Walker changed their 5 gallon fuel tanks. These fuel tanks are black and have a fuel gauge on them. Any fuel tank that has a root number of 8046 will be superseded. However, the new gas tanks are now specific to the fuel that will be used. Please be cognizant that the fuel tank for a gas machine will use part number 8055-1 and the fuel tank used for a diesel machine will use part number 8055-4. If the new part numbers are not used, we need to call and make sure which tank is needed. Please make the necessary adjustments to your purchasing and be specific on which tank is needed.

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