July Parts Tip

July Parts Tip.

Hi Dealers, As you may already know, Walker is in the process of making significant changes to deck gearboxes. There are two changes Dealers should be aware of:

1.      Walker has changed all Tee or center gearboxes to a keyway set up that will change the gearbox part number, but also require a new drive shaft.

2.     Walker is in the process of changing Heavy Duty or Cast Iron gearbox manufacturers. Please refer to Bulletin #16251A in order to find the correct Tee gearbox for the deck. Be aware that the drive shaft is specific to the deck model. Certain gearboxes will require different drive shafts depending on the deck. Please refer to Bulletin #17256 in order to find the correct HD or cast iron gearboxes. The blade gearboxes are now specific to a certain side of the deck. In the past,some decks used the same gearbox on either side. However, each gearbox on the deck will now be a different part.

These changes are now going to be standard and the process of learning these changes will take time. So please start reading these bulletins as soon as possible, and get familiar with these changes. If there are any questions, please call Precision and speak with Ed or Billy in Parts. 

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