Keeping an Open Mind

I have been in the power equipment industry for about 20 years and just started my 10th year here at Precision Work. Part of my job here at PWI is service training. One of the things I like to show techs is how easy a GHS blower can be removed.

When I ask the techs how they would remove a blower, one thing we all agree on is that the blower comes out from the bottom, but they all have different techniques. Some use forklifts while others use jacks to lift the mower enough for the blower to clear. But a lot of them get surprised when we show them that when the deck is removed on most of the Walker clam shell styles, by:

  • Lifting the catcher to the dump position and picking up on the left drive tire, the machine will tilt and a jack stand can be placed under the mowers final drive therefore giving the clearance to work from below, remove the blower belt ( if you have a micro v belt use Walker Part No. 7238-4 tool for ease of removal) then remove the blower intake tube.

  • Remove the blowers bridge underneath and finally the two ¼ 20 bolts on the top attaching the blower to the frame.

  • Once that’s done, the blower should come right out. Always clean the ¼ 20 bolt holes in the chassis and the blower before reinstalling the blower as the powder coating can throw off tolerances. Reinstall blower by reversing the removal steps.


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