New Walker Gearboxes

Hello Dealers,

I would like to inform you that Walker will be going through a major change with Tee gear boxes and their corresponding U-joint shafts on decks. After our stock of shear pin gearboxes are sold out, Walker will no longer make these Tee gearboxes available again.

Walker has decided to change to a key-way setup that will insure that these parts last longer. The short term cost will be greater due to the purchase of a new gearbox and shaft. However, the long term benefits for our customers will outweigh this cost due to the longer use of these parts.

Please refer to these changes here, Advisory Bulletin #16251A. Be aware that we will still stock the old U-joint shafts and shear pins to accommodate the old set up. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the parts department at Precision Work Inc. or your salesman.

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