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Product Lines

PWI is Proud to Represent These Quality Manufacturers Serving Landscape Professionals

Walker Manufacturing Company has focused on designing, developing and producing a line of compact, zero turn, maneuverable, mid-size riding mowers and attachments, since 1980.

Their mowers range from 14 hp to 30 hp with decks from 36″ to 74″ that catch side discharge or mulch grass.

PWI is pleased to have been the Northeast Distributor for Walker Mowers for more than 30 years. During which PWI has delivered more than 20,000 mowers.

Walker Mowers commercial grade equipment fits squarely in the application of mowing, trimming and maintaining landscaped areas.

For more than 35 years, professional landscapers and homeowners alike have trusted the Classen brand to help transform and maintain their landscapes. At Classen, we make serious lawn care easy.  Classen prides itself on its innovation and the manufacturing of cutting-edge, durable and easy-to-use equipment, we’re serious about simplicity and making lawn care easy for everybody. 

While Classen equipment is built with the professional in mind, it is designed to make a novice feel like a pro. The equipment is manufactured with simplified control mechanisms, clear setting and adjustment levers, and folding handles for ease in transport and storage.


Ecolawn sets the industry standard for motorized, self-propelled compost spreader / topdressers. The Ecolawn product line works extremely well with the PWI focus on quality landscaping products suited for the lawncare professional.

With the Ecolawn Compost spreader, you can topdress lawns or apply bulk materials, such as compost or soil mix, with efficiency and precision. These durable machines with a stable wheelbase and rear wheel are easy to control. The Topdresser makes effortless 90° and 180° turns around obstacles while trimming along sidewalks and flower beds.

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