Property Study

Biscay Lane

Biscay Lane. This larger residential space is the perfect place to display all of the many abilities of any commercial grade lawn mower. The sizable yard contains the average landscaping obstacles paired with wide area mowing to show off a beautiful cut. For this lawn, any operator will need a compact yet productive mower that can easily squeeze through the gate, follow the curves of a patio, reach under low hanging trees and collect grass efficiently to do the most thorough job possible.

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  Mower HP Deck Time + % Area Per Hour
Mower: Walker S18 HP: 18 Deck: 48" Time: 15:55 +: - %: - Area Per Hour: 1.65 ac/H
Mower: Gravely Pro Stance HP: 22 Deck: 48" Time: 18:26 +: +2:31 %: +16 Area Per Hour: 1.43 ac/H
Mower: Exmark Turf Tracer HP: 18.5 Deck: 48" Time: 24:08 +: +8:13 %: +52% Area Per Hour: 1.09 ac/H


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