Torquing Your Walker Blades!

Make sure they're not too tight and not too loose, but that they are just right.

An irate customer called me recently and complained that his blades' shear pins did not break and that this caused not only his PTO shaft shear pin to break, but also consequently his drive shaft to oblong.

I asked the customer, "What were your blades torqued at?" His answer, "2 burps on my impact gun!". THIS IS NOT A GOOD PRACTICE.

Blades that are too tight or too loose will result in an under-performing mower and may cause further damage. The blade torque spec is 60 ft-lbs. Torquing the blades correctly to this ft-lb spec enables the shear pins to do their job and you can avoid unnecessary and costly damage to your drive shafts and gear boxes.

My advice - have a torque wrench handy and use it!

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